• Zhuanzhuan raises US$ 200M in series A funding

    Zhuanzhuan, splitting and developing independently in 2017, is a real trading platform for personal unused things under 58ganji. In April 2017, it completed series A financing of US$ 200M from Tencent.

  • Scream Technology gets RMB 30M in series Pre-A funding

    Scream Technology is committed to the development of artificial intelligence robot exoskeleton assistance system which contains hardware and the cloud platform. So far, it has introduced two exoskeleton products, lower limb version and waist version. In April 2017, it has closed series Pre-A funding of RMB 30M from Bojiang Capital.

    Pre-A Hardware Shanghai 2017-06-23
  • Phonam closes series A fundraising of RMB tens of millions

    Phonam, a catering brand with Vietnamese cuisine as its core, now runs two chain brands called YueXiaoPin and Meinai Xiaoguan. YueXiaoPin focuses on Vietnamese noodle soup, snacks, drinks and other light snacks, while Meinai Xiaoguan has updated to formal meals, including Vietnamese special seafood, snacks, noodle soup, special dishes, salad and other Vietnamese food, as a result, Meinai Xiaoguan has attracted many urban white-collars with its French environment and Vietnamese cuisine. In April 2017, it has raised RMB tens of millions in series A financing from Baifu Holdings and Hony Capital.

  • Tiki App raises RMB 25 million in series A+ funding

    Tiki App, a real-time video social app, is engaged in cutting to stranger real-time social through video. It is a product of Hangzhou Laoyou Technology Co., Ltd. whose main product used to be Biu. In April 2017, it completed series A+ fundraising of RMB 25M from Yi Capital and Toutiao.com.

  • One-Step Bike closes series B financing

    One-Step Bike (Yibu Danche) is an intelligent bike sharing company engaged in providing solutions to urban short journey. It utilizes mobile internet technology to achieve non-stake parking, favorable price, energy-saving and environment friendly through combination of intelligent hardware and bicycles. It belongs to Chengdu One Step Sharing Technology Co., Ltd. In April 2017, it has got series B funding from Chuanshangtou Xingchuang Fund and Zhonghaiwai Capital. The amount of investment is undisclosed yet.

  • Weibu completes series A fundraising of RMB 21 million

    Weibu, an enterprise service company, mainly provides big data-based integrated marketing service for customers in industries of automotive aftermarket, finance, education and health care. It also supplies users with real-time sales leads from the whole network, as well as efficient brand promotion, customer gaining by sales, technical support and other services. In April 2017, it has raised RMB 21M in series A funding from Realeader Capital.

  • Assets Disposal closes series A fundraising of RMB 20M

    Assets Disposal is an intelligent assets disposal deal making platform based on big data application. Through the collection management system, it manages and supervises the whole process and collects and analyzes data, in order to realize standardized, intellectualized and systematized management service of non-performing asset disposal. It belongs to Xinrong Chengtong Information Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. In April 2017, it has got RMB 20 million in series A funding from Wei VC.

    Series A Finance Beijing 2017-06-23
  • Haituanjian raises RMB 30 million in series A+ financing

    Haituanjian is a company which provides entertainment solutions for enterprises. It focuses on serving the integration of old and new staff, customer relationship maintenance, friend making in enterprises, team-building and so on. It helps the enterprises to motivate and reward employees with customized team-building projects, offers leisure programs and arrangement of meeting, and so on. In April 2017, it completed series A+ fundraising of RMB 30M from HG Capital and Baixing.com.

  • Hellobike completes series B financing of RMB hundreds of millions

    HelloBike is a bike-sharing platform which allows users to use bike online, unlock the bike by scanning QR code and return the bike by putting it in the white line by the road side and locking it manually with no need of a fixed vehicle-pile. It is affiliated to Shanghai Junzheng Network Technology Co., Ltd. In April 2017, it raised RMB hundreds of millions in series B funding from Chengwei Capital.

  • Ehomy gets RMB 80M in series A+ fundraising

    Ehomy is a full house soft attire and furniture customization enterprise integrating C2B and O2O modes. In April 2017, it has closed series A+ funding of RMB 80M from Tongsheng VC.